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Fundamental Illogic in the Iraq Situation

Bush represents a nemesis of the Earth; the Bush administration is evidently the enemy of the people of the Earth, and of the planet Earth as a whole.

A complacent or fearful and passive majority of people allowing the Bush administration to claim a majority opinion in their favor is no excuse for the failure of the immediate refutation of that administration. The Bush administration stands now as the worst threat to liberty and security that the world has yet seen. Here you have Right-Wing Ideologues in control of the most powerful military machine the world has ever known, with a rapid track record of destroying decades of social justice and international relations progress. You have a Right-Wing Attorney General actively working to enshrine COINTELPRO practices as State Policy. Nixon killed "the Sixties" as a social movement with J. Edgar Hoover's aid, and now you have Bush giving John Ashcroft free rein to do every bit as much and more to put every last nail in the coffin of progressive, people-oriented politics that he can, as fast as he can. There is every reason to fear every such move, because police-state repression is like a snake, the snake can more easily advance its jaws on a victim than the victim can free itself, due to the snake's teeth curving inward. [People don't resist or ignore police. To do so is illegal. In a dispute, police are armed and people probably aren't. To make the police do what you say (you pay their salaries, after all) you go to the government. When the government is already telling police not to be pleasant with 'dissenters', you are in big trouble.]

The fundamental fact of the current "War on Terrorism" phenomenon is that US foreign policy is getting feedback in kind. The US Government has never explained to its citizens exactly what it does in the world, what it has done, and acknowledged an increasingly aggressive and selfish attitude toward other people and nation-states around the world since far in the American past. There is no way to ignore the open, bleeding Palestinian issue and the United States's complicity in making and keeping things that way. There is no way to ignore the fact that people in a country whose government receives US support will resent and hate the US if their government seems to be stepping on their neck in favor of things the US wants. That means some proportion of Saudis may not appreciate our military camping out there, especially using Saudi soil to support an American base in attacking an Arab country. There's always the philosophical problem of wondering how legitimate the Saudi regime is (staunch ally of the US, too bad it's not a democracy), given the history of the country. If the United States has hindered actual movement toward democracy in the region, then it should acknowledge this, excusing it as pragmatically necessary and confessing its indifference to the losses it inflicts in favor of US interests, US national security interests, what have you.

I cannot imagine that the people of my nation, my fellow countrymen and women, do not have by now at least a phantom sense of the underhandedness of the US Government as practiced by successive administrations -- the number of times our nation has exercised military force against people and places on thin or dubious pretexts. How sad how little these exercises are reviewed by our public. How many Panamanians died when the US invaded Panama to "arrest" Manuel Noriega for -- Drug Trafficking. I have heard 25,000. Twenty-Five Thousand Panamanians died because the United States wanted to depose and arrest Manuel Noriega. Oh, darn it. Oh, too bad. Oh well.

I said it in email to the BBC, and I'll repeat it here: as an American, I challenge the President, if he be a President: if the President cannot resolve this "Iraq Crisis" in a way that satisfies a majority of the nations of the world and in a way that sheds no blood, then he should resign.

Attention Deficit Disorder: I thought we were supposed to be looking for Osama Bin Laden. He's supposedly hiding in Pakistan or in Afghanistan near the Pakistani border. Now, I have sort of been paying attention to the news, but I have not heard why we aren't finding him - inasmuch as we are looking for him there, aren't we? I'm not sure - I can't recall hearing that we are looking for him, in fact. I wonder how we'll find Osama Bin Laden if we aren't looking for him. It seems like at least the media would like to know that he is; they are eager to report and confirm or deny any next communication from Bin Laden.

If in fact there is an uncomfortably close relationship between the Bush and Bin Laden families, then it seems to me that if Bin Laden really wanted to screw George Bush, he only has to acknowledge Bush's complicity before and after "9-11" and that's a nuclear bomb on American politics. I got the distinct impression going into and during the Afghanistan campaign that the US government was going to hoist Bin Laden's head on a stick (symbolically, at least) to prove righteous triumph. Then, they bombed the shit out of those hills and mountains where it appeared they had him, if not cornered, then at least located, world enemy #1, they at that time knew where he was within some many square kilometers. You just might think that that moment would be time for the Marines, and they would encircle the area, and with air superiority there is no way Bin Laden would get out, whatever his condition. I did also get the distinct impression that the US was not at all interested in taking him alive. Well, if you bomb the man or the cave where he's hiding, you've got one of two problems: either you have to find some DNA splattered on some rocks to show you got him, or you have to find his buried remains. I guess I wouldn't bomb bodies I wanted to find. I think if they wanted to kill Bin Laden (for sure, now) with bombs, they would have had to use Nukes. Well, we can't do that, but we gave it our best shot. And I guess Bin Laden got away on a horse, how romantic. If they had killed him as presumed, he wouldn't be around to talk, and wouldn't we miss the strong feelings aroused by getting yet another peek at Bin Laden's beatific face espousing bad things for us.

Saddam Hussein (of course, we all know we're on a first name basis with the man, everyone calls him "Saddam", like we call Tony Blair "Tony" and Jacques Chirac "Jacques", etc.) -- Saddam Hussein is irrelevant to Iraq's being a threat to the US, if we believe what our Government says about the situation. It does not matter if Saddam Hussein is killed in the next two seconds, Iraq still presents a dire threat that has to be uncovered. If the weapons are really there, they have to be found to be controlled and gotten rid of. You will have to find these weapons if the Iraqis won't tell you where they are. As much as the Iraqis might even hate Saddam Hussein and his regime, they have cause to hate America more for the Gulf War and its long aftermath, ongoing, sanctions, biweekly 'targeted' bombings. It makes much less sense to kill Saddam Hussein or remove him from the picture, because he's the central control and if there are weapons or a program, he controls the people who know where they are and are charged with keeping them. Remove Saddam - remove Hussein and these people are on their own. At that time, if I were one of those people I might be able to convince my fellows to abscond with the nuke or the program and then seeing such in the hands of real terrorists is a lot more likely. So the American administration had better have contingency plans.

You have to find the weapons if there are any weapons. I think there are no such weapons worth worrying about in any short term, but it doesn't hurt to verify it. Well gee, the way you find out is by inspecting, after all. You will have to inspect no matter what. You will have to inspect and it doesn't much matter if Hussein is in power or not. So there is no specific excuse to go get rid of Saddam, except that our administration has a hard-on to get the guy. Have you quit beating your wife lately? Has Saddam Hussein disarmed yet? I guess he must be armed if he is expected to disarm, so let's pour on the foregone conclusions. Oh, I forgot, he's lying, so, ah - I guess we'll ultimately have to prove it. Because otherwise we knock him off and say, "case closed, we won, threat disposed of." And of course we find the damned things, and hold them up, and say "here they are." And to do that we have to inspect the places where the things are suspected or known to be. Because if there are nukes or nukelets or nukes-to-be, or plutonium, and we get rid of Saddam Hussein, and we don't already know where the nuke stuff is, then the nuke stuff, my friends, will escape the mountains on horseback and we'll be hearing from it too, in time.

That's right, the US administrations, plural, cannot admit what they've done and what they do, and they cannot admit why. Certainly "corporate interests" are a large part of why, even if not the only reason. In this Iraq case the administration is severely, compulsively, hysterically overplaying its hand. If they want to win and come up smelling like roses they have to resolve the "crisis" in a peaceful way. Because we know that far, far too many people oppose "this war" strenuously and will not forgive it should it happen. Demonstrations in the millions around the world as I write this. And yet they will screw it up. Everyone fears it coming. They have dug themselves in too deep to back out, lest they lose their honor, which they never had. So people will die and America will incur great enmity all around the world to satisfy the Bush team's lust for power. Heedless, reckless, stupid, unthinking, unreflective, and beneath contempt for its blindness and its unfeeling malevolence. Witness Time et. al. writing up Bush's increasing competence in dealing with congress and other affairs. Give the man a pat on the back; what a record we have so far. Abrogate the ABM treaty. Activate a pilot Star Wars site despite the waste and uselessness of it. Spurn the Kyoto accord on global warming. Spurn a chemical weapons treaty. The California power crisis unmitigated by the government agency supposed to oversee such affairs. Let's open the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling. Let's invite energy company executives, but no greens, to form national energy policy, and go to court to prevent the public from knowing who was there and what was discussed. Let's walk on the Microsoft antitrust suit, giving Microsoft the usual slap on the wrist and leaving them to gouge and control the market. Let's appoint an FCC commissioner who thinks smaller ISPs are an annoyance when megamergers between massive entertainment networks would better suit what the consumer should have. Let's cull and cut up and clear out those darned forests to stop them from burning. Ignore with malice the Nobel-prize-winning leader of South Korea who is on a path toward reconciling the two Koreas, and leave North Korea to become a nuclear threat we can't deal with properly or proportionately. Let's bust unions and give repeated massive subsidies to the already too-rich. The administration's plan to curtail corporate malfeasance-as-normal was defeated by congress, which wanted the stronger bill.

And of course, what a godsend "9-11" is for an administration which wants to waste vast sums of money on military this and counterterrorist that and security the other. Money on wars, money on military buildups, money on stupid cliche cabinet departments, and after all, it's only (your) money. But never, never go fix the Palestinian problem, and never make our having military bases around the world unnecessary, and never apologize too much when you go around and kill people in the national interest of the United States. Perhaps when we Americans start engaging in mass drills in the wearing of gas masks will we wonder whatever happened to the "peace dividend" we were supposed to have after the end of the Cold War. Allowing us to have what we deserve is not the Republican way, nor the Democrats in opposition. We deserve to have a government that actively pursues world peace and the reconciliation of people and cultures. We deserve to be forever rid of the kind of slime that steals our society from us as some sort of "free-market" divine right. We deserve to be free of the political predations of fundamentalism in the free country of our birth. We deserve the security that comes from knowing our neighbors and getting along with them. We deserve to have a decent future, and this begins with the elimination of the current "regime" in the United States - a partisan malfeasant majority on the Supreme Court and the unrepresentative administration they appointed. So far as the Sixties represented an overthrow of the "establishment", the status quo, it's time for the Sixties to return - organic, human values. No more Nixons and J. Edgar Hoovers, no more Bushes and John Ashcrofts, the new American revolution starts with the removal of the corrupt hand of George the Third from these United States.

-16 February 2003-

Appendix, 18 February 2003
Condoleezza Rice now on record with the "Munich Analogy". Nations that don't want to start bombing right away are obviously sycophants to Saddam Hussein, appeasers, Peace In Our Time when in fact our opponent is Hitler, I mean, Saddam, those misguided nations will let the terrorist murder our children in their sleep, creeping agents climbing in through windows in the night, where's my duct tape, where's my shotgun.

Tony Blair now on the BBC whinging the argument as to how we've all waited 12 years to be dispensed with weapons in Iraq. Um, it's been like 10 years since we were supposed to get Health Care Reform. I voted for Democrats but all I got was this lousy HMO. Now that it's another milk-'em bureaucracy that perverts health care, it's still broken after 10 years. How about campaign finance reform?

You know, the people own the airwaves, which is a pretty cool piece of real estate. Seems people should learn to pay attention to it to acknowledge how it's used. We (the people) have the right to control how spectrum is used. People who make lots of money using our spectrum should pay tax on that. Auctions are unfortunate. To get a broad exclusive license takes buttloads of money. Then even if the winner had a great idea, they're a lot less likely to be able to fund it now that they've spent for a license. Instead, we can say it is largely promissory, a bid to give to the government. We (the people) can also say it is not a one-shot deal to get a license. You pay based on revenues, when you're getting the license to make money, as opposed to serving people (themselves.) Serving the public can be done in myriad ways, and the government (we, the people) can set aside spectrum for people other than big-pockets operators out to generate shareholder revenue. Government should work as well for noninvestors as for investors unless it can guarantee that everyone will be assisted to become an investor, if that's what it takes to get government services. Operators who are socially oriented and who present content that people can use, without concern for profit per se, should still be able to operate. Micropower stations also need spectrum, and I can't think of another more fun idea than starting up local radio communities.

All the arguments against this are bunk. Spectrum is like a beach. If you lived on an island - say, one of the small Hawaiian islands - would you, as a resident, be satisfied with your situation or with your government for putting you in it if every beachfront foot of land was Commercial, and you were not allowed to just walk up to the ocean anywhere on the island of your residence unless you paid a fee to someone? Wouldn't you fairly expect that there would be places - many places - where you could visit and hang out as long as you wanted, with no purpose? Of course you would, so it's government's (your) responsibility to make that so.

Spectrum is no different than that. Even if we favor commercial use, commercial use has to pay for the privilege as it goes, and there will be plenty of public beaches. So if we do have a situation where 100% of the spectrum is tied up and mostly by commerical interests, obviously we have to have a thinning off to reinstate the public beaches. In any market I would keep all the public stations and then look at listenership and diversity of the commercial stations, and winnow out the losers there. Three Megahertz of FM should be enough for micropower stations and citizen radio (representing large areas.) The National Association of Broadcasters will just have to stuff it for a change, what a pun.

Now that we have press freedom, what do we do with it? You could always put an administration official in a local Q & A session. You could put a local official in a Q & A session. Apart from being uncivil, the questioner can challenge the official, so we get to hear them defend their first possibly clichéd, overgeneralized and off-topic response to the question.
You could always have a show that visits problem areas in a circle, adding programs as issues arise, and keeping people informed about progress on the issues and what is needed.

And of course, the program we all want to watch: the one where we get these idiots, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Dick Cheney, and rough them up by having them have an open-ended debate with, say, a high-school debate team, about various issues these people have made pronouncements on. Wouldn't that be interesting? I can just imagine some high-school senior leading off with "Ms. Rice, the Munich Analogy is inaccurate and misused in the current situation because ...," and another opening with "Mr. Rumsfeld, aren't you ashamed at times when you're being most confident over making the most outrageous and hypocritical remarks and getting away with it without challenge by the major media?"

Or, perhaps the "What I Want To Know" show, this week's guest being Dick Cheney with full transcript and pedigree of the attendants of the energy policy meetings.

Paul Wellstone was Murdered

Was Paul Wellstone murdered? Was his plane crash an accident? Was it sabotaged?

It's worth asking, since he was one of the more progressive Democrats and let us not forget the one-member margin in the Senate. The Republicans have had to bear with Democratic opposition by the Senate. If you were someone who chafed at that fact and you weren't concerned about committing crimes, eliminating an opponent at the opposite end of the spectrum might fix the situation in your favor. So we can wait for the forensic analysis. But is anyone looking for tampering and subtle clues? I haven't heard a thing since the event itself, and I haven't heard anyone wonder about it on the public radio channels. Given the nature of Wellstone's opponents - more specifically, among those who disliked him - there is enough history to suggest that a covert operation to kill Wellstone is entirely plausible. People should care to know the exact truth, even if it leads to another -gate. Especially if it does.

-4 November 2002-

Star Trek versus World War II

The paradigm for our times.

Will we keep voting for people who want to relive World War II forever, complete with war, war and more war, shortages, conformity, war taxes, and every nation is an ally or a foe?

Or will we get rid of those people, and elect people who wish to work for a Star Trek world, where Earth's problems are solved with an egalitarian system where everyone is free from want?

Are we addicted to the adrenaline rush of impending explosions without notice because an enemy snuck up on us? Or would we like to put that all behind us, and after all, isn't that the job of our leaders, to work for such progress? To encourage us to give up a world filled with fear, where we stalk our "enemies" and shout down criticism of the very government that perpetuates this misery?

Where are the women in office, because though it be a stereotype, women will be far less disposed to waste enormous amounts of tax revenue on silly wars and puffed-up posturing. Let there be 50% women in office and see how easily we'll divert billions of dollars to such stupid programs as "Nuclear Missile Defense", a.k.a. Star Wars. Or we'll start hearing the kind of whistle-blowing we never hear now, however necessary that we do, from people who will openly question whether it's reasonable to starve domestic social programs in favor of maintaining control of oil fields and the governments that operate them.

The Republican Party is the party of "Whack'Em Jack", G.I. Joe, military toys, real men. No silly efforts to be inclusive here. The feminine need not apply -- that feminine which expects negotiation versus confrontation, compromise versus winner-take-all, and refuses to accept that our safety and well-being require abrogating every social program that diverts taxes from further military expenditures. Better safe and starving than not as "safe" but well-fed and well-educated, and the saddest thing is that far too many Americans continue to vote for a party which is fairly open about their agenda: corporations over people, profits before life itself. The people who value profits in that way are usually never the ones to do their own menial labor; they'll hire someone else for minimum wage, and oppose any effort to increase that wage. People are expendable, aren't they after all? Always people looking for work (why?), so bid wages down to levels only suited to support slaves, if that. You'd think your average worker would find out that the Republicans have been out to destroy labor unions for so many consecutive decades and that is their bent; why vote for these freaks? Republicans keep promising to "give your money back to you", as if the government hadn't collected the money to run programs for everyone in the first place. Americans pulled in their belts for the last six years of the Clinton presidency, to the point where we could have paid off the national debt. Once in office, GW promptly gave it all back - of course, corporations took a big draw on that spigot. As usual, you're taxed $5500, then vote for a candidate that promises to "give it back", forgetting what you were saving for. You get money back, alright - some cents on the dollar. My refund will be $350 for the year. Is that significant? If the government would quit wasting our money, they can keep the $350. Just use it wisely. No more corporate subsidies without owning the subsidized corporation is some substantial way. If they take our money, we call shots for them. No, you can't pick up and split for Mexico or Malaysia or Saipan. You take our money, then you agree to be a good citizen and we get the money back after a while.

Ah yes, the Republican Party, the party of the big swinging dick and nothing between the ears. Let people note: if George W. Bush had any integrity in the first place, he would have stopped his cohorts from opposing a valid election outcome and insisted that all the votes be recounted. He would have said, let the will of the people be done. Not the will of 5 of 9 justices on the Supreme Court. But did he? No. If he can use legal chicanery to steal the election, I guess it must be his election to steal. And the American Public completely went to sleep on this. As if it doesn't matter who is in office, but only that there should be someone. So as usual when Republicans control the Administrative branch of government, appoint people who make it their job to destroy their department. Environment? Ha! Attorney General? Ha! Remember after the Republicans won the house and the senate in 1994? First things they did, they set up councils of industry executives to oversee themselves. Forget consumer protection when the Republicans are in office. Let's cut down the trees to save the forest from burning. Smart idea and it keeps making money for a timber industry that refuses to see the writing on the wall. Same for oil, except we get to have a war because GW thinks it's time to have one. Say goodbye to your civil liberties, because now we have a never-ending war that requires you to check them at the door and never say a disparaging word, like maybe this-all could have been done very, very differently and maybe the people currently running the U.S. administration are the prime sources of instability in the world - regime change begins at home, say the peaceniks. The fight against fundamentalism also begins at home. The decrepit "two-party system" can be fixed pretty quickly. First, demand that the Christian Fundamentalists get out of the Republican Party and instead form their own party. That forces the truth about who you vote for when you vote Republican. Since the Republicans (party of the wealthy) can't win without the fundamentalists, we won't have to worry about either ideologically corrupt entity anymore. Next, since the toadying Democrats are so desperate to win any election that they become Republicans with a slightly different flavor, let them become what the Republicans are - the obstructionist, backward-looking party - and let the Greens take over for the Democrats, and push for the reforms that Democrats have long since abandoned. Let the choice of perpetuating World War II forever, versus being willing to feminize government and proceed with citizen involvement to build a Star Trek future, stand out clearly, to give our people the only choice they really have right now. We keep the Republicans and the Democrats and the Republicans call the ideological shots for the country, which will be that we will forever live with Joe McCarthy (John Ashcroft), always chase down Communists (now terrorists), engage in domestic witch-hunts against anyone left of far right (USA PATRIOT = COINTELPRO is now normal and good for the country), and swear loyalty to the corporate state even while it poisons our wells and our air, kills our creatures, and steals from us to sell back to us at a megaprofit. Or we eject the whole lot of these losers, and start voting for people who promise to make our lives better, not just "richer", and keep their promises. Better how? Well, how many social programs can we fund if we don't buy the twentieth next-generation bomber, and how many social programs can we fund if we stop wasting our money on stupid ideas like Star Wars? When our military budget exceeds the combined budgets of the next 20 countries, when will we start asking when way more than enough might just be enough?

When was the last time that your government asked you to get involved in what the government does? Sure, volunteer for the Peace Corps. But I mean - ask us what we do, ask us to account for our decisions, ask us who profits, ask us for more solutions, and ask us to get off our ass and fix any of the really pressing problems in this country - mass transit, sprawl, declining quality of life, accelerating social alienation and isolation, the 10-second fast-food lunch and obesity and ads for candy bars in our schools because the schools can't afford to pay for anything without selling their students as a market - imagine suspending a student for wearing a Coke T-shirt in a Pepsi school. Imagine a Pepsi school!

And, of course, campaign finance reform. Expect true reform when neither the Democrats not the Republicans determine the debate and not until then. Take that to heart: neither party will give you your government back; so why do you keep voting for these people? That's like asking Darth Vader to be nice and give people back their autonomy. A nice fantasy, and only a fantasy.

Is the government asking you to get involved? Or does the government just want you to be a consuming couch-potato? Let's pass a law that says there will be no national broadcast of a Presidential debate unless all candidates are present who could be elected based on the states they qualified in. Let Bush or Gore answer Ralph Nader. The Republicans are such obvious fascists and extremists that it's obvious that the Democrats are equally worthless if they can't beat the Republicans! So QUIT VOTING FOR THEM. Vote Green until the other parties reform. (1) Democrats should call the Republicans down including turning down the Republican bid for the US to become a nation of Klingons, of warriors only interested in honor through battle. (2) The Republicans should eject the fundamentalists from their party. Both parties are too afraid of losing to do anything right, except use contributed monies to make people forget there are any issues besides abortion and war, to make people think the thin political gruel they are fed is better than any alternative - just keep voting for us, suckers, or the other guys will get in, and you wouldn't want that, would you? Oh, give it a rest. Vote Green. If the Democrats can't beat the Republicans every time, then the Democrats deserve to lose. People versus Money: there just aren't enough numbers of people who have so much money that the Republicans could stand a chance, except that money controls elections - and surprise, who decides if money equals speech? Why, the Republicans and the Democrats, of course. So I guess my vote can just never make the same difference that the vote of the CEO of Enron can, and you and I and our children and their children have nothing more to look forward to than this piddling imitation of a supposed democracy.

Star Trek versus World War II. World War II was a great war, and I'm proud that the US won it. But that is the past, and we can't live in that past - unless we're willing to forgo any better future. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, the future path was clear - peace and progress. Fat chance for all that now, but that's because we have World War II / Cold Warriors running the country. This administration needs to be the last gasp of that grasping past. We don't need more Pearl Harbors and World Trade Centers, so we should build a world where those things just don't make any sense to anyone anymore. Your choice. I, personally, would rather live in the Star Trek future, than live in a World War II past.

-29 October 2002-

The Real Axes of Evil

Fact is, in the U.S.A. mainstream media, you won't find much discussion of these, because that would be inconvenient for the people who make their megaprofits from entertainment news. Fourth branch of American Democracy my ass, the media don't do a damned thing to give the American public the information it needs to run their own country properly. Instead, it's bread and circus, and it's getting worse by the month. There's an axis of evil for you, the total lack of focus in the media on anything that really matters. Dribs and drabs of bad things happening between the commercials, but no sense in it, and you're not supposed to do anything about it except consume and consume. Forget the environment; you could be out shopping! And yes, don't vote for a president you couldn't be drinking buddies with.

The first Axis of Evil consists of the line between Washington and Tel Aviv.

Why? Which two nations were the sole holdouts from the U.N. resolution stating that countries - member states - should follow international law?

With both countries' slide toward hard right and militarism before conscience, with both countries performing acts of terrorism and Israel falsely branding its victims as terrorists without a cause, who expects that those on the receiving end won't snap and retaliate?

There are just too many things America could do that it doesn't do to lessen tensions around the world and work for just and lasting peace everywhere that needs it.

The American people must demand that their leaders work for the elimination of the causes of what they say is evil, rather than allow their leaders to combat the symptoms, leading to loss of civil freedoms and only a worsening of the problem.

The second axis of evil? Well, not an axis, but a big fat point: Microsoft.

Microsoft must be destroyed for the good of the human race, that's all there is to it. What they can't steal and pervert, they buy out or destroy. Isn't it the job of an operating system to run programs on your computer? Ah -- so by what magic does Windows XP not run Java? I think the word is "craven", apart from "despicable", "arrogant" and of course "malevolent". These assholes are making ONE BILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH based on their investments of their EXCESS PROFITS. Remember Judge Jackson's ruling about Microsoft's ILLEGAL MONOPOLY? That the stupid Republican Justice Department totally rolled over on? In that ruling, the judge said that Microsoft was charging TWICE AS MUCH AS IT NEEDED TO for the Windows operating system. Did you hear that Microsoft would GIVE THE MONEY BACK? Hell NO, they won't. They STOLE it from you "fair and square", and they get to line their pockets with that money and with the money they make as interest on it. YOU are financing Microsoft's ability to SCREW YOU.

You should demand that the Justice Department NOT cave in. But if they made that a done deal, write to the states who're still fighting and tell them NOT TO BACK DOWN. Go rip those assholes another one. Think about it. All we have to make them do is behave properly, and magic! They go out of business. And not for the reasons they repeatedly lie about; but because once they are required to play fairly, everyone will see that almost anyone can write better software than Microsoft.

Remember the ILOVEYOU virus and Melissa? Remember the $11 BILLION damage these viruses supposedly caused, worldwide? Yeah? WHO do you think is RESPONSIBLE for those losses? You, for using your computer? Of course not. Even the asshole who wrote the virus? Not really. They can't just open your car door and drive away with your car unless you leave the door unlocked with the keys in the ignition. It's the JOB OF THE GOD-DAMNED OPERATING SYSTEM to protect itself from MALICIOUS USERS. Have the Windows operating systems done that? Well hell NO, you have to go spend even MORE money buying antivirus software - but that only protects you against the viruses we already know about. You can lay every wasted dollar and every stolen hour right at the doorstep of MICROSOFT and their total INCOMPETENCE, NEGLIGENCE and CARELESSNESS. They could give a crap. They have no clue! And they keep saying how if they are forced to do anything that they don't want to do (like play fair and do things right), the economy will suffer, personal computing will be set back years, etc. etc. lie lie lie. I don't know about you, but I sure as hell can quit listening to this bullshit EXTORTION. First they commit CRIMES, then they allow you to get FUCKED, then they say that making them stop will CAUSE HARM. If this were a movie, the hero would BLOW UP their massive technological complex and everyone would say, hey, good triumphs over evil again, thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger or whoever plays the protagonist. But it's not a movie, so triumphing over evil is up to you, dear reader.

Don't buy Windows XP. In fact, don't buy another Windows operating system again. If Microsoft wrote anything worth using on a computer, then go into every computer software store and demand the version that runs on Linux. If they say there isn't such a thing -- then obviously, don't buy the application! You control the market, for Christ's sake. Not you by yourself, but you and all the other people like you. Write letters to Intuit and Adobe and yes, even Microsoft, and tell them you want the version of their product that runs on Linux and tell them you WON'T BUY ANYTHING ELSE. ACCEPT WHAT YOU DESERVE AND NOT THE SHIT THEY HAND YOU.

Starve the bastards. All they care about is MONEY, they certainly don't care about YOU. Show them how much you enjoy that fact and NEVER GIVE THEM ANY MONEY AGAIN.

Third Axis of Evil: Right Wing, Fundamentalist Christians, Republicans, fiscal Libertarians, flat-taxers, anti-abortionists, anti-civil-rights crusaders, the Drug War, the Prison Industrial complex. We have to start somewhere in this list. How about abortion.

Are you a slave to our nation-state? Or is America the land of the free and the brave? Is it alright to decide whether to have a child or not? Who's entitled to say NO? Does a woman own her own body, or does the State? And because some goons have convinced themselves that free will is a crime, we have to keep fighting over this. Morons so afraid of sex, they would petition God to get rid of genitals and sex altogether. Must the rest of us live with their squeamishness? Why? What law gives them ownership of us? Do they pay our rent? Do they pay our salaries? Do they live our lives? Must we live according to their beliefs? Is this Iran, circa Ayatollah Khomeini? Is this the middle ages? Are we still subjects of the Catholic Church in the days of the inquisition? Is it necessary to live according to other people's superstitions in order to "get along"? Where's any recognition that it's NOT THEIR BUSINESS and that the coercion is un-American?

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